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CATACLYSM, sponsored by the Robert & Gennie DeWeese Gallery at Bozeman High School, is a portfolio exchange curated in response to the current global political climate. It includes artists from around the country and Canada who were asked to create work based around their hopes and fears given the current global state of affairs.

In 2012 Nicole Geary brought together a group of artists with the intention of creating works in response to the potential of a doomsday event. The exchange asked participants to explore their experience of the global phenomenon of doomsday predictions. “Cataclysm” is a response to the ebb and flow between angst and hope that many of us are experiencing both nationally and globally. We are emerging out of what was experienced by many as a time in American history defined by movement toward a brighter, more inclusive and at the very least more tolerant future. As we enter into a Trump administration the climate feels, once again, charged with the possibility of cataclysm. This portfolio is in no way unbiased. It is meant to be a platform for those of us that feel angst about the direction of our country. It is meant to stand in the face of darkness and acknowledge both our fears and give voice to our hopes as we tread into the weeks, months and years ahead.

Artists include: Douglas Bosley, Barry Roal Carlsen, Christa Carleton, Todd Christensen, Melissa Dawn, April Dean, Stefanie Dykes, Lena B. Ellis-Boatman, Leslie Friedman, Nicole Geary, Sanaz Haghani, Jon Irving, Karl LeClair, Gregory Martens, Abe McCowan, Stephanie Newman, Matthew Presutti, Andrew Rice, Seth Roby, Melissa Schulenberg, Shelley Thorstensen, Summer Ventis, Eric Wilson, and Sukha Worob.

March 1 – June 1, 2021: MonDak Heritage Center, Sidney

July 1 – August 1, 2021: Lewistown Art Center, Lewistown

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