The mission of the Montana Art Gallery Directors Association is to serve the non-profit museums and galleries of Montana, and artists, by offering high-quality art exhibitions and professional development training. The organization is dedicated to support and develop public interest in, and knowledge of, the cultural resources and heritage of the State of Montana.


Montana Art Gallery Directors Association (MAGDA) was organized in 1972 to provide financial, professional, and moral support to non-profit arts institutions across Montana. It is governed by an elected board of trustees, which set policy, raise funds, and oversee operations conducted by a part-time Executive Director. Membership includes art centers, organizations, museums, and galleries from across the state. 

For nearly 50 years, MAGDA has made it possible for members to share exhibitions and provide professional guidance and developmental support to one another. Rural Montana communities, that generally have more limited access to affordable exhibition opportunities, are given access to art ranging from 19th Century French printmaking to contemporary works from around the world. Larger museums and Universities have the opportunity to share and promote their permanent collections with the rest of the state. Each fall during the annual conference, all members gather together to share resources, industry insights, and best practices. This is an exceptional occasion for all members to engage, learn, and celebrate the hard work being done for the arts. 

MAGDA is not limited to Montanans. Representatives from arts organizations in North Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, and Washington have participated in MAGDA’s annual conference to network with our members and presenters. Anyone can be an affiliate member of MAGDA, propose exhibits and attend the conference, however only non-profit organizations in Montana have full membership privileges which allow them to vote on issues and book exhibitions. 


MAGDA’s goal is to provide support services to all members at an affordable rate. Membership dues are flexed based upon each organizational budget. We encourage lenders to keep exhibition rental fees reasonable so that every institution regardless of size, can access high-quality, professional exhibitions. MAGDA offers scholarships for members to discount their conference fees.

Over the years, MAGDA has subsidized rental fees and shipping fees to further encourage booking and support its members. Currently, MAGDA sponsors an exhibition each touring season that offers below average booking fees and zero shipping fees. MAGDA’s success is directly linked to the success of our members.

Our goals align directly with our mission to help Montana’s arts organizations prosper by creating connection, maintaining professionalism, and promoting artistic heritage from across the state. 


2020 – 2021 Board roster

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