By Todd Anderson, Ian van Coller & Bruce Crownover

Sponsored by Hockaday Museum of Art

TOUR SCHEDULE: 2023 – 2024

1. Northcutt Steele Gallery, MSU-B, Billings, MT – June 12 – July 21, 2023

2. Danforth Museum of Art, Livingston, MT – August 21 – November 19, 2023

3. Holter Museum of Art, Helena, MT – January 3 – February 14, 2024

4. Bob & Gennie DeWeese Gallery, Bozeman High School, Bozeman, MT – February 23 – April 05, 2024

5. Carle Gallery in the Butte Silver-Bow Public Library, Butte, MT – May 1 – June 12, 2024

6. Schoolhouse History and Art Center, Colstrip, MT – October 16 – November 27, 2024


The Last Glacier: Images of Our Changing Landscape consists of 21 original woodcut and photographic prints by three artists. Photographer and Guggenheim Fellow Ian van Coller (Montana State University – Bozeman), and printmakers Todd Anderson (Clemson University) and Bruce Crownover (University of Wisconsin – Madison, retired) have traveled the world to find images of retreating glaciers. In 2008, they created The Last Glacier Project to showcase the artistic images they created from their explorations. Images from the ongoing Last Glacier Project have been shown in several exhibit venues and as a portfolio of original artworks. 

The exhibit documents the state of glacial retreat with images from difficult-to-reach spots in Glacier National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, and Iceland. These images are beautiful and rare, creating in the viewer emotional responses to the artwork, and with reflection also to the event being depicted. Prints were made using the reductive woodcut method, in which each pass removes more of the wood, so the artist starts with the largest area and ends with the finest mark, and printed runs of the image are limited to the number of prints pulled after the first inking. Photographer Ian van Coller uses an extremely high-resolution digital camera and printer to create large-scale photographs of stunning clarity and depth. Websites:;;; 

The prints are matted and all images are framed and covered with Plexiglas. Each piece can be hung using attached wires or D-rings, and each is labeled on the back with the title, medium, and artist’s name. 

Also included are: 

• Title panel (30 x 40”) and four text panels (8.5 x 11 each; one each artist’s statement and a curator’s statement/introductory panel) 

• Individual wall labels for each artwork 

• Title, text panels and labels are printed and mounted on foam-core and encapsulated, and can be wall-mounted with adhesive tape or putty 

• Instructions for class exploring art concepts in exhibit 

• Video: • Conversations with the artists 

• Glacier National Park 

• Page-by-page of The Last Glacier portfolio 

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